40 X 60 INCHES

My new piece, titled “SARCHEL” (40×60) is a piece painted as I contemplated the concept of connection. Simple, unexpected, organic, unexplainable human connection that is ultimately impossible to describe unless you have experienced it yourself; That feeling of ease between two people that does not need a spoken word to define its presence but at the same time plagues you so intensely that all you want to do is scream about it from the top of your lungs to give it tangibility; That feeling of being heard and seen and valued and silently accepted for only being you. How is it that you can know someone for minutes and be at peace with their energy almost instantly? This painting is a result of my recent “run in” with connection and I am in awe of what the power a simple brush of another’s energy can set in motion. My wish for you is to stay open, aware and willing to see these magical, shake you to your core, you are never the same after, moments when they occur. Because I assure you, this does not happen every day. The universe is strategically conspiring for us and we need to be ready for when we are lucky enough to experience these beautifully rare moments of connection in their true sense. Are you ready??