18 X 72 INCHES

What is it about wanting something? I mean really craving something? And I am not talking about wanting to win the lottery or a really great Christmas present, I am talking about the human condition when you are almost incapacitated because the desire for something completely consumes you; When your thoughts repeatedly fire interruptions of future possibilities; When you crave something so profoundly that you question how you ever lived so long without it. Were you even happy before, now that you see what your life could be like if you just got what you wanted? What makes you want something this intensely? Where does that connection with something or someone come from and how do you keep that desire in check especially when it’s a little further out of your reach than you would ideally like? My recent experience with this emotion has challenged every ounce of my ability to be patient but has made me realize the importance of the journey. All we have is now, so why not enjoy each and every step it takes to get you to this ultimate desire? “NAWT ” (12×72) was my artistic expression of remembering to revel in the process because good things come to those that wait. Always take the time to basque in the sweetness behind the minute details of keeping the strength of staying positive in moments of uncertainty, the smiles that automatically find their way to your face and get caught by others as you’re deep in thought and the moments when you arrive at exactly where you want to be.