36 X 36 INCHES

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. “Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, creativity and change.” It isn’t until we take that risk to truly open ourselves up and sit in the awkwardness that the “real journey” begins. This concept of showing your true self and being ok with the fact that others may not like your decision, that you may not get the final outcome you have been praying for is something that a lot of us struggle with. I have been faced with the choice to be vulnerable on a few occasions lately and it has proven to be the most uncomfortably challenging yet the most exhilarating moments of my life. Wether it be having an intimate photo shoot of your inner most creative process or waiting impatiently for someone to make a life altering decision that will completely change the trajectory of your life, being vulnerable is the only way to ensure you’ve given yourself the greatest chance of ultimately figuring out what you need to figure out. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to make mistakes without worrying about judgement, its about accepting imperfections and feeling beautiful despite them and it’s about trusting others and letting them see the darkest corners of your self that vulnerability gives it’s greatest rewards. When you let all your insecurities go, when you give yourself permission to not worry if you look silly in the process and when you hand your heart over to someone with the fullest of intensions of sharing the greatest love you can muster, this is when the magic happens. MILIEN 36x36 came to life over 9 of the most vulnerable hours I have ever experienced. I had the choice to awkwardly worry about how someone was inches away from me with a camera, capturing every step of my artistic process and every wrinkle on my face or to share a combination of beautifully crafted moments where I could fully intrench myself in my craft while another artist equally did the same. Those moments and this piece of art was a result of a perfect combination of choosing to fully surrender to vulnerability and it makes me think “what if we all just surrendered? What if we all decided to endure the uncertainty and just be brave? Are you willing to see what happens when you are vulnerable?