48 X 48 INCHES

The title “WEN” 48×48 is actually the word NEW backwards and is the first piece I did last year in my attempt to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. Gone are the neutral tones, horizontal and landscape compositions as I welcomed the free flowing process of random shapes, mixed media materials and a black and white colour scheme never attempted before. The journey of this piece was extremely liberating and it not only got me inspired but allowed me to remember the importance of not becoming stagnant with either my creative process or in life in general. It is so easy to continue to do the same things and let fear run our lives. Through experimentation, courage and self love, we owe it to ourselves to find out what we are made of because if you don’t ever try, then we are never going to know the greatness that is potentially ours to achieve. My hope is that this painting reminds each of you to question the space in your life that you have been struggling to change and helps you attempt to try something new.