48 X 42 INCHES

“Sometimes you just have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. Have faith that things will work out may be not how you planned but just how they’re meant to be.” We are often so worried about dwelling on what has gone wrong with the past and what has not happened yet in the future. But all we have right now is right now. Don’t let this incessant worrying stop you from being awake enough to see all the incredible miracles that are happening in front of you right now. You just never know who you are going to meet and you never know how something or a new experience is going to affect you and change everything. What I do know is that these unexplainable and “meant to be” moments, exchanges, interactions or even just a glance happen every day. The question is, are you awake enough to see them? Wether it’s a chance meeting of someone that now owns three pieces of your art or a palpable energy over a text message between two people that have never met, you would be crazy if you could not appreciate the unexplainable certainty that these moments were supposed to happen. You may never know the significance of a certain moment or you may know it immediately, but I am a firm believer that the universe is doing it’s darnedest to give you the greatest journey it can muster. You just have to hope to god you’re awake enough to see all that is happening to you. ZERON 48×42 was meant to be! It’s final destination was a result of a perfect combination of failed interactions coupled with a random Facebook post and a car ride to Surrey. It was a series of events that could only have happened if everything was perfectly imperfectly aligned; Which made me contemplate this topic of moments happening for a reason. It made me remember to always wholeheartedly interact with as many people as you can because you never know if or how someone might completely change your life, to always be prepared because despite these “moments” happening all the time, you are “awake” for very few of them and to purely be in awe of the fact that there is something greater than anything we can possibly even attempt to explain, orchestrating it all.