12 X 12 INCHES

“Today I will wait patiently, if waiting is the action I need in order to take care of myself. I know that I am taking positive, forceful action by waiting until the time is right. Help me to let go of fear, urgency and panic. Help me learn the art of waiting.” This is the affirmation that hangs on my bathroom mirror and what I read to myself every morning upon waking. It is a constant reminder of the strength, perseverance and discipline that is required to dedicate yourself to a life full of patience. “Patience is allowing time to run its course and allowing people, including ourselves, to work and grow at our own pace. Patience moves our minds away from frustrations, expectations or ‘shoulds’ and aligns us with reality. When we are patient, our energy is available to make good things happen.” It is a process that cannot be rushed and is a skill learned over time as you remind yourself to “look at the thorn and see the rose” or “to look at the night and see the dawn.” It is about seeing the desired end result in amongst the present chaos. I emphasize this topic because my patience has been greatly challenged recently. I feel like I have implemented and demonstrated the essence of this skill but continue to be challenged despite my efforts. It appears that the more I practise the art of being patient, the more patient I am being challenged to be. As I painted “TIENCE” 12×12, I reflected on the point that the above quote emphasizes patience as being something that is cultivated individually and as we work and grow at our OWN pace. I am reminded that perhaps what I am patiently waiting for is not ready to be handed to me yet because the other person’s journey hasn’t intersected with mine at the exact right moment. I have been humbled to understand that another’s pace through a journey does not mean they are “behind” or “slower” than me, but inversely proves the fact that I have obviously not completed my lesson in patience yet. Where do you think you could be a bit more patient?