30 X 24 INCHES

Trust: “The reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing.” So many of us want to believe in this one simple concept, but ultimately find it rather difficult to fully engage in the true essence of the word. Let’s face it, once you give someone over that power, you position yourself in a very vulnerable place where you automatically give them the opportunity to potentially hurt you. Because of this possibility, it saddens me that so many of us hold back or refrain entirely from giving ourselves the permission to “lay our hearts on our sleeves” in order to possibly experience something life changing. As I trusted myself to experiment with new techniques while painting “STTUR” 30×24, I reflected on how we so often find ourselves second guessing people’s motives and convincing ourselves that we actually don’t deserve certain things due to the fact that our hesitancies have been previously proven right by being hurt when we decided to finally let our walls down. Each time we get hurt, our “walls” get higher and higher and are much more difficult to surmount making it almost easier just to stay guarded, protected and less trustful. But I truly believe, to my core, that this is absolutely no way to live. So how do we get over this paralyzing fear and how do we find the courage it takes to trust again? I don’t have any fail safe, technical, psychological “must do” steps to suggest, and I assure you that I have had my fair share of trust breaking moments, but what keeps me open and willing to be hurt again is the fact that I get to feel the way that I feel right now in this moment. I have been blessed with finding a love that knows no limits and I couldn’t imagine denying myself this experience purely because I was too scared to even try. “Just open your heart and give… Trust in the goodness of man and allow yourself to be overwhelmed.” It means “jumping off a cliff and having faith that they will be there to catch you.” I have learned to approach trust with open arms and rely on my faith that if what I desire is supposed to be, then the universe will follow suit and make it so. By giving into this faith, I have witnessed first hand the power that compete trust in someone and their love for you can move mountains and overcome any obstacle. I have learned that by trusting someone to your fullest capacity gives rise to a self confidence and essentially a trust in yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. Because of this willingness to put fear aside, I can truly say that I am absolutely, positively, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond any doubt, unconditionally in love and look forward to where my openness to this trust will eventually take me. Set your fear aside and wholeheartedly choose who you are going to trust. I guarantee it’ll be worth it.