36 X 76 INCHES

“NIVEK” 36×72 was the piece that changed it all. “NIVEK” was the first piece that made me believe that I had a career in art. “NIVEK” has been through it ALL with me and now it is your turn to share in it’s beauty. I am writing this writeup four years after it’s creation and I can honestly say that the initial inspiration didn’t come from any pre-contemplated subject, but merely from a place deep within my soul that just needed to get out (or birthed as a close friend once called it). As I reflect now on how I was feeling when I was painting this, I can remember moments of complete self deprecation quickly followed by the overwhelming sense of support from those closet to me. At that stage in my career I relied heavily on those that believed in me when I couldn’t find that clarity on my own. As I reflect on that now, I now realize how grateful I am to those that believed in me and my talent right from the beginning and how there would have never been the days that followed if it weren’t for them. I think it’s important as we make our way through life to take the time to always remember the journey in which we have taken, and are taking, that has gotten us right to where we are and to where we are going. It is essential that we take inventory of the important people we have crossed paths with along the way and of those that have stuck by us through even the roughest of times. It is essential that we never give up hope and faith in ourselves as we can be our biggest supporters if you just have the courage to let yourself do so. And it is essential to always remember that you aren’t always going to get it right the first time. It’s ok to make mistakes and try again and it’s especially ok to do so when you know you have those few people in your corner believing in you no matter what. I hope that “NIVEK” encourages you to remember who has held your hand along YOUR way and I challenge you to tell them how grateful you are.