36 X 72 INCHES

Resilience. Tenacity. Persistence. Determination. Perseverance. What do all of these words have in common? They all encompass the concept of not giving up and finding a strength to trudge on regardless of how bleak the outcome may seem. “ONSO” 36×72 both literally and emotionally represent all of these five words to a “t”. Not only has this canvas been staring at me incomplete for over three months and challenged me in ways I didn’t know paint could, I have simultaneously been struggling with finding the courage to keep believing in something that I am fighting for. As I have developed as an artist I have learned that the painstaking details and moments away from the canvas have yielded some of my most favourite pieces. I took the time and didn’t give up when I could have just thrown the entire thing out. Day by day, layer after layer, a depth and a story begins to evolve and it’s in those moments I have learned how important it is to replicate these qualities in real life. The less seasoned and intimidated artist could easily have given up, but now knowing that the simplest of steps taken one after another holds the possibility of creating something glorious, I opt to see gloriousness. In turn, I have been able to be present with my current personal situation and reflect on that what I am ultimately fighting for is worth all the hardship in the world. I have been persistent with my feelings, I have been determined to not give up, I have persevered through less than ideal days, I have been resilient when I have been knocked down and I have done it all with a ton of tenacity. When you find something worth believing in, it’s about appreciating the small steps and the struggles that it takes to get you there because when you finally do reach where you want to be, it’ll all be that much more glorious.