60 X 40 INCHES

This piece was an effortless flow of creativity inspired by a multitude of conversations with a friend that has been struggling with significant decisions and the ramifications of potentially making the wrong choice. Every moment of every day we are faced with choices. We are constantly making decisions and the slightest change in direction could alter our world drastically, in a matter of seconds. These may very well be negative or positive. Or usually based on one’s own perspective. As I painted this, I explored the idea and feelings surrounding the importance of being authentic to yourself. Authenticity, after all, underlies the confidence you need in order to make that final decision, as difficult or impossible as that may sometimes seem. As I thought about the process of choosing, I began to realize that it takes courage every day to make the best choices we can. Being true to yourself and not worrying about what others think is as courageous as it gets! So many times we end up pleasing others and doing what they think is best for us. This painting evolved as I reflected on how difficult being courageous actually is but I was relieved to understand that I am not the only one making these tough decisions. More importantly, I am not alone when I have these decisions to make. Ultimately my decisions are just that. Mine. However, through amazing friendships such as this one, and the healing power of exploration and reflection I get through my creative expression in my art, I feel so grateful that I will have the ability to find the courage when it comes time to make my own decisions.