24 X 72 INCHES

Upon reflection you realize, first it was an insignificant gesture that should have gone unnoticed but you remembered every single detail. Then it was a smile sheepishly given as you passed each other in the hall resulting in a jump in your step that seemed to last for the remainder of the day. Eventually the smiles turn into 7 hour conversations that feel like ten minutes and then you are coming up with any excuse in the world not to leave their presence. And before you know it, you’re hooked; One hundred and fifty percent hooked. The beauty behind the simplicity of this process is breathtaking. What connects two people so intrinsically that you question how you could have ever gotten to this point without them is what I contemplated as I painted “ENOTHE” 24×72. With each paint brush stroke, I delighted in the concept of how rare a palpable energy between two people actually is and how challenging the process is until you are lucky enough to find what I am presently experiencing. As it often is in real life, the journey of this painting was a demanding and complicated one as I stumbled to find a balance of colour combinations and flow. But as I contemplated the lessons of self love, patience and positivity that I have learned over the years, I was able to persevere (just as in real life) and create something that ultimately feels right. Moment after moment, mistake after mistake, you eventually end up right where you are supposed to be with “the one”.