While there is no limit on what types of people can create a friendship, I am a firm believer that there is a greater cosmic entity gravitating us towards certain people that when met, an unexplainable connection is formed. One can’t even imagine how many people we will meet in a life time but I am always in awe when that moment of complete, unexplainable, unconditional, goose bump raising moment happens that makes you wonder how you had ever lived your life up until that moment without them. There’s no knowing how many times in life we will be granted this precious gift, but I have begun to recognize the enormity of just how unquestionably essential it is to nurture these connections when you do get the gift of being given one. This concept has been most evident lately in my life as I have been challenged with having to recognize that some relationships do in fact have an expiry date. It has been through this difficult level of acceptance that I have remembered that even though I am saying goodbye to some, there are still those few in your life that deserve your finest of efforts because they make you better for having known them. I am most reminded of this when I think of my best friend that I have had the privilege of knowing since I was a mere nine years old. Over the 27 years we have grown, laughed, and cried together, I have recently rendered an awe for our friendship that knows no words. To love someone so deeply despite their flaws, to respect them wholeheartedly even though you share a different opinion, to be there for them in their darkest and most memorable moments because you can’t imagine being anywhere else is what I have with my best friend. BEFRI 36x36 was created as an expression of this unbelievably rare connection and because of my gratitude that I have for her and our friendship. May this painting challenge you to take stock of who if most important in your life and to focus on making them feel equally as appreciated. Who is your BEFRI?