It's time for IDSWest 2016

8 years ago I tried my luck at a show called One Of A Kind Vancouver where I was selected as one of seven emerging artists that got to display their work on a beautiful white wall in hopes that a few got sold. Fast forward 8 years, and that part of the show turning into a curated gallery type experience at IDS West, I have managed to find my ultimate demographic and thousands of followers, sell thousands of dollars worth of art and have the privilege of being a part of the best interior design show in North America. 

This show has given me an outlet and a venue to be me and find those ultimate clients that want to feel something when they look at the artwork on their walls. IDS West has been the best gift I could have ever have imagined and I am so grateful that they continue to select me each year. I consider the third week of September the kick start to my creative year and I always have such an incredible time on those four days. 

I will be exhibiting a variety of new work on a 20 foot wall located in booth 703 in the section called “The Collect” September 22-25th. The show is held at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre West and the show times are as follows.


  • Thursday September 22nd (Opening Party +19 yrs) 7-11pm
  • Friday September 23rd (No general public, trades only) 930am- 530pm
  • Saturday September 24th 10am-6pm
  • Sunday September 25th 10am-5pm


Do yourself a favour and check out this show. It exemplifies the word innovation and creativity and if would be a shame if you didn’t get to experience it. 

Hope to see you there and I look forward to having a chat with you about my work, a possible commission piece custom made just for you or even making a date to come to my studio to watch me paint. 

See you there!

New Website Officially Launched!

My new website is officially up and running and I would like to welcome you! It has taken some time, but I didn’t want to rush it. With some serious research and numerous conversations I have finally created a website that focuses on the FOUR main components of what makes up the artist that I am today.


Please take the time to navigate the site and enjoy what it has to offer. But before you go, please read below and discover what you will see when you peruse the site.

  • One year ago I made the best decision of my artistic life and decided to get my own studio space. I now have a professional studio where I can create my work, exhibit my work and direct potential fans and buyers to come and purchase my work. Some people even just want to watch me paint. Send me an email to set up a studio visit and come see where all the magic happens. 
DG 97.jpg
  • Art and Interior Design. A match made in heaven! A home isn’t a home without something creative on the walls that makes you feel something. As I strive to further build my business, my hope is to continue connecting with local interior and commercial designers to help put that final touch in a space. With my new installed portfolio section of my website, I am now able to show how my work looks hanging in various locations and give you context into what my pieces look like to scale. One of the hardest things for people to do is envision my work in their home. Now with these installed shots, you can get a great idea of how my work might look in your space. 
  • As I attempt to master only a few of the Vancouver trade shows and pull away from others, I am now left with more time to focus on the main part of my business which is custom commissioned work. I am excited about creating a demand for my work and look forward to you contacting me for a consultation where I will come to your home and see your space and discuss size, color, texture and price. Email me now to get on the list!! It’s filling up fast.


  • The newest component to my artistic empire is my coaching service. Designed with the emerging artist in mind, I have created a curriculum for 5 one-on-one sessions where students and I will discuss a variety of topics it takes to take your art passion and turn it into a viable art business. I have always wanted to share my secrets and I believe in an artistic community where no one is left behind and where we all work together to thrive. I have a passion for mentoring and coaching and I am ready to help. If you are that artist and want to take the next step, or if you know someone who is stuck and needs some advice on building their business, I have a few spots left for the remaining of the year. Please contact me if you are interested and lets take your art to the next level.  




Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that this is the first of many more visits to come!