Paint with Donna - Vancouver's Greatest Paint Night

I know it’s kinda ball-sy to say “Vancouver’s Greatest Paint Night,” but I have decided to start listening to everyone that has told me this and embrace that I have created something special. And now I want to tell everyone about a Paint with Donna.

Three years ago I finally got the courage to gather 8 of my friends to try out this concept of paint classes that people had been hounding me to do for years. I am self taught and I really didn’t think I would be able to articulate, let alone teach what I do. But with anything new, I gathered my hesitancies, doubts and some paint supplies and ran through what I thought would be a fabulous way to spend two hours of your time. And low and behold, it was a spectacular and successful night.

My first ever Paint with Donna (October 16th, 2016)

My first ever Paint with Donna (October 16th, 2016)

All you have to do is show up with some wine and I supply everything else

All you have to do is show up with some wine and I supply everything else

I always knew that I wanted to create something different than those other typical paint nights. I envisioned creating a comfortable, intimate and inviting space where people of all talents and artistic histories could gather together and feel what it feels like to be creative. More often than not, creativity is the first thing that gets put on the back burner when life gets busy. I wanted to give people a reason to gather their favorite people (or come by themselves) and experience how powerful it is to be creative.

I take for granted the feeling I get when I create. Building Paint with Donna paint classes forced me to realize how special of a job I have. I get to wake up and put pretty colors and textures onto canvas and make people happy when they look at the final result. I get to regularly explore my emotions and have them expressed through subtle layers and compositions. I get to create emotions for others when they look at my work. Sometimes it’s a simple smile, other times, it moves people to tears (happy ones that is). How could life get any better????

Well, it got that much better when I created Vancouver’s best paint night, Paint with Donna. Over the last three years, I have had over a thousand people through my studio and I can honestly say, every class is a magical two hours.

My philosophy with Paint with Donna has always been, anyone can be creative and creativity should be fun (Did I mention that I encourage wine to be brought to each class?? That always helps with the jitters). And the best thing about my class is that there is no pressure to have the painting look like “something.” We are painting abstract! It is all about colors and layers and not everyone painting the same sunset or cherry blossom tree. All you have to do is show up with a willingness to create, a bottle of wine and I supply the rest!

My class is all about sharing my secrets and techniques and making the creative experience one that is both memorable and hopefully inspiring. My goal is that people get the boost they need to remember how important it is to stay creative and begin to implement creative practises in their daily lives once the class is over.

And here’s the zinger about a Paint with Donna (the best part and promise)…….. I guarantee that you will create something the you will proudly hang on your wall.

How can you say no to that guarantee? It’s time to brush off those old artistic cobwebs or be open to trying something new! This class is for everybody and I can’t wait to see you in my studio.

paint with donna result for class.jpg
Results of student participants

Results of student participants

paint with donna vancouver art student result.jpg

How do you register for a class you say? Easy. All you have to do is buy a ticket(s) to a public class via my website by clicking here or email me at to set up a private class for just you and your friends. Classes are $94.50 a person and there has to be 6-8 people per class. I supply everything you need and the classes are held in my studio/gallery at 1063 Hamilton Street, Vancouver.

I also do Corporate Team Building Paint with Donna’s and I would love to set that up with you too.

Have your employees rave about how awesome their leader is!!

If you have the space at your office, I can even come to you! (Price increases to $120/person if I have to travel to you)

Don’t miss out on Vancouver’s best paint night and the opportunity to get creative!! See you at one of my classes soon!