Celebrating 9 years with IDS Vancouver

Celebrating 9 Years with IDS Vancouver

9 years ago, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get my artwork out there in the world for everyone to see (well maybe not everyone at that time, but enough to start creating some momentum).

And as the universe often does, an add for the One of a Kind Market as a feature area in the IDS West Show (now known as IDS Vancouver) was looking for 7 emerging artists for their new art section. They were offering a 10 foot wall at a discounted price and something just told me to submit my work.

Not knowing that this decision would change my life, I gracefully accepted when I found out a few weeks later that I had been one of the lucky ones selected for this exciting new feature at the show.

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I will never forget that first show. I will never forget how much I prepared every detail (from my artist statements, rack cards, to my prices tags and email signup book, I wanted everything to be perfect). I will never forget that we didn’t have things like “Square” on my phone, so I had to write a receipt and people had to go to a central processing area to pay. I will never forget my first sale (of my largest piece at the time - 48x48 inches) to a fellow co-worker and her husband. And I will also never forget how that show created my first sense of community as it introduced me to 6 other artists (four of which are still in my life today) (Mike Soltis, Jon Shaw, Connie Flavelle and Nathalie Denise)

To my delight, that first show ignited and propelled my career to where it is today and I will forever be grateful to IDS Vancouver for giving me that first chance and now a yearly opportunity to share with the design world what my heart and soul creates.

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The opportunities I have had because of this show have been endless. To name a few……

  1. I get to showcase my work yearly in front of the city’s top designers

  2. I have been a feature image on the IDS Vancouver Website

  3. I landed a 10 page feature in Vancouver Home Magazine (page 92-102) which has lead to numerous commissions and serial collectors

  4. I have become an internationally known artist and shipped my work all over North America AND

  5. Had a dream opportunity of meeting the amazing and talented Designer Amanda (Forrest) Aerin because she showcased my art on an episode of CTV Morning Live (watch video here)

Upon writing this blog post, I did a lot of reflection about the last 9 years and how my artwork, career, vision and mentality has evolved and I can honestly say that IDS Vancouver has played one of the biggest roles that has gotten me where I am today.

The show encompasses beauty and design coupled with innovativeness and ingenuity. But the words I think of most when I think of IDS Vancouver are friendship and support. They continue to to believe in my work and every year my career propels in new and exciting directions.

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I would like to take the time to thank the IDS Vancouver team for always believing in me and for welcoming me back each year. There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am.

For those of you who have not been to the show before, and to those who come every year, make sure you get your tickets now because I know for a fact that this year’s show is going to be one to remember.

Get your tickets below and make sure you tell all your friends to join you!

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And just in case you want to know what day you should come to the show, the Opening Night Party on Thursday September 26th is always the best! Grab yourself a cocktail and wander around the city’s most beautiful venue. Connect with your favourite creators and get ready to be inspired! (Remember that Friday is not open to the public)

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