It's time for IDSWest 2016

8 years ago I tried my luck at a show called One Of A Kind Vancouver where I was selected as one of seven emerging artists that got to display their work on a beautiful white wall in hopes that a few got sold. Fast forward 8 years, and that part of the show turning into a curated gallery type experience at IDS West, I have managed to find my ultimate demographic and thousands of followers, sell thousands of dollars worth of art and have the privilege of being a part of the best interior design show in North America. 

This show has given me an outlet and a venue to be me and find those ultimate clients that want to feel something when they look at the artwork on their walls. IDS West has been the best gift I could have ever have imagined and I am so grateful that they continue to select me each year. I consider the third week of September the kick start to my creative year and I always have such an incredible time on those four days. 

I will be exhibiting a variety of new work on a 20 foot wall located in booth 703 in the section called “The Collect” September 22-25th. The show is held at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre West and the show times are as follows.


  • Thursday September 22nd (Opening Party +19 yrs) 7-11pm
  • Friday September 23rd (No general public, trades only) 930am- 530pm
  • Saturday September 24th 10am-6pm
  • Sunday September 25th 10am-5pm


Do yourself a favour and check out this show. It exemplifies the word innovation and creativity and if would be a shame if you didn’t get to experience it. 

Hope to see you there and I look forward to having a chat with you about my work, a possible commission piece custom made just for you or even making a date to come to my studio to watch me paint. 

See you there!