40 X 60 INCHES

“Expectations: A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future; A belief that someone will or should achieve something.” These are bold words that carry a lot of pressure and should be used cautiously since the misuse of them could be catastrophic. I have always struggled with expectations. I have been given multiple opportunities to facilitate a change in my behaviour through hard learned lessons but still continue to exhibit some desires to achieve perfection in specific situations. I rely heavily on the energy of others and measure the worth of a moment through the intensity in which I connect at that time. The problem isn’t the beautiful moments that I do get, the problem is, is that I expect and thrive for the same if not more with future experiences. That unrealistic expectation sets me up for disaster yielding a lack of being present and the loss of a potential beautiful moment. I was challenged with this exact issue the other night and had it not been for the contemplation of this concept through the painting of “DOLUSH” 40×60, I probably would have lost a moment with someone that I truly care about. Instead, I was able to let my disappointment go, hold a hand, and observe a truly spectacular sight that very few people had the privilege of seeing. “Expectations are your own worst enemy. If we can learn to stop expecting impossible perfection, in yourself and in others, you may find the happiness that always eluded you.”