Paint With Donna

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Don’t miss out on Vancouver’s greatest paint class
— Jennifer and Mike Dirks

Only 2 classes available in October

Special opportunity at the Fall Vancouver Home Show

 PAINT WITH DONNA paint nights offer a unique experience where you need no artistic abilities and I guarantee that you will leave with a piece of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


I have created a safe and encouraging space where you will tap into your creative side and learn some basic painting techniques.

No more flowers, trees or sunsets! We are going ABSTRACT! I have prepared your 16x20 inch canvas with my signature texture and I will guide you on an emotionally charged painting experience.

I supply everything that you need (tables, chairs, canvas, paint, paint brushes, aprons,  paper towels, water containers, wine glasses, wine opener).

Tickets are $90 a person

Class times are usually 7-9pm

Class size 6-8 people

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Go on! Meet your future Masterpiece!

Canvas expertly pre-textured and ready for paint application.

Donna’s signature texture helps create a unique and one of a kind composition and all canvases are created to order.

Create a painting that will have all your friends asking you where you bought it.

Click below for a complete supply list for a Paint with Donna and links to where you can find them.

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