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Through the power of art, Giraud imagines a world where less pictures of your dinner are taken and real conversations are had


VANCOUVER, BC - January 15th, 2018- Internationally sought after artist, Donna Giraud, announced today that her highly anticipated solo exhibition Dare To Connect with be showing at Yaletown’s newest Fine Art Gallery, The Space, February 15-17th, 2018. Giraud is an internationally collected abstract painter known for her work’s palpable energy and heavily textured surfaces. Her new series of work challenges her audience to take a closer look at how they are (or aren’t) making authentic connections in their life. 

Giraud says, “Authentic connection takes vulnerability, transparency and integrity and it can be found through a variety of ways. Whether it is through trust, friendship or unconditional support, connection has the power to transform lives. Unfortunately, the myriad of everyday distractions makes it difficult for one to transcend”

Dare to Connect is a show that abstractly depicts onto canvas twelve of Giraud’s most impactful relationships and how she has discovered the beauty of connection in each of them. Her hope is that this body of work encourages her audience to turn off the Netflix a little earlier, stash their phone away or take just one picture of their dinner. Giraud’s goal is to open up a dialogue to help us all find the courage it takes to truly connect.

About the Artist Donna Giraud:

Donna Giraud lives and creates her work in Vancouver, BC and is one of eight resident artists at Vancouver’s newest gallery, The Space. Giraud is a valued contributor to the fine art and interior design industry and her work is in private collections across North and Central America.

Giraud’s large scale acrylic on canvas works are richly textured and rendered in thick expanses of pigment. Interested in capturing the “authentic” stories of human existence, her horizontal compositions, multiple layers and illusion of landscapes, fuses an abstract and gestural aesthetic with intimate, deep-seated psychological narratives.

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