36 X 36 INCHES

PASSION: “A strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor”.…….. Everyone nowadays says, “find your passion and live your passion as it is the path to true happiness.” But is it really that easy? I have been searching for “my passion” for 34 years and I am just now comprehending the magnitude of what that really means. Through countless reflections, journal exercises and numerous failures, I have finally been blessed with finding my passion. And I am not talking about discovering and fulfilling my life as an artist (I am however, not going to belittle the fact that I actually have been lucky enough to find my passion in my art and make a go of it too). I am speaking about when you find that passion deep down inside you for another person. And I am not talking about just any person, I’m talking about that person that makes you question everything; that person that makes you surprise yourself because you didn’t know you were capable of experiencing these types of feelings; That person that you physically breath in when you have them in your arms because you can’t seem to get close enough to them; That person that brings you so far out of your comfort zone that you’re doing things for yourself and them that you never thought you had the capability to ever do and enjoying it in the process. My recent run in with this overwhelming, all consuming yet completely welcomed experience with passion has brought me new insight into how two people can be connected. “APSSION” 36×36 was painted purely as my attempt to release and convey these feelings of how I have been irresistibly inundated with the gift of passion. My goal was to evoke conversation and either remind others that haven’t found it to never lose faith or to those that have been lucky enough, to never forget how rare it is and to never take it for granted.