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I am reminded every day that life is short and that each of us makes choices to either stay where we are or to show up and transcend ourselves to unimaginable places. I choose unimaginable places. I choose to be fearless. I choose to exhibit my soul on canvas for all to judge and choose to keep my head healed high despite how it is received. I choose to live boldly. Rather than cautiously test the water, I dive straight into life with freeing abandon. I imagine the person I want to be and the life I want to live and simply commit to both. I believe in myself. I embrace my artistic talent. I choose to discover my passion. And whatever I do, wherever I go, I am not afraid to make a giant splash. Being fearless isn’t about being 100% not fearful, it’s being terrified but you jump anyways.


Art has the power to heal and transform. When I discovered just that, I knew I had to dedicate my life to making others feel “something” when in the presence of [my] art.

Self taught, my large scale, abstract, acrylic paintings emerge entirely from my emotions and I defy the historic rules of art. My unique and recognizable use of heavy texture and composition evokes conversation and challenges the viewer to go on a visual journey. I paint purely from the heart and I attempt to convey intensity, strength, beauty and tranquility.

I paint for self exploration, but the ultimate goal is to find each piece of work it’s destined owner. Through limitless connection and conversation, I devote my attention to building relationships to help design an art experience unlike no other. This is the essence of my creative process. 

Dedicated to helping build an artistic community where no one is left behind, where secrets are shared and successes are celebrated, I pride myself on my passion to mentor and coach while choosing not to accept the notion of art being a pretentious world and the myth of the starving artist.

I believe that it takes an astronomical amount of courage to be an artist. But if you wholeheartedly commit, being an artist can also be a viable business opportunity that can thrive if you make intelligent decisions, have an indisputable savvy and an unwavering passion. All it takes is an open heart and a whole lot of hustle. 

Magazine and media features

Designer Amanda Aerin on CTV Morning Live featuring my work and products for the 2017 IDS Vancouver