2018 Solo Exhibition 'Dare to Connect'

It is with great pleasure, a sore back and overwhelming excitement that my solo exhibition is a month away. Titled, “DARE TO CONNECT,” this whole new series of work will be on display at The Space, An Art Gallery from February 15th to 17th. 

The opening reception (party) is February 15th and your presence is requested!! 

When: February 15th, 2018
Where: 1063 Hamilton Street Vancouver BC
Time: 7-11pm

Show Description

“Authentic connection takes vulnerability, transparency and integrity” and it can be found through a variety of ways. Whether it is through trust, friendship or unconditional support, connection has the power to transform lives. Unfortunately, the myriad of everyday distractions makes it really hard for us to be good at it. 

DARE TO CONNECT is a show that abstractly depicts onto canvas, 12 of my most impactful relationships and how I have discovered the beauty of connection in each of them. My hope is that this body of work encourages you to take a deeper look at how you are connecting and perhaps inspire you to find a little more. Maybe turn off the Netflix a little earlier, stash your phone away when you’re having coffee with a friend or only take one picture of your dinner. May this work open up a dialogue and help us all find the courage it takes to truly connect.

Looking forward to showing all of you the result of many many months of preparation and hard work. I have never been so excited to show my work and I am so grateful that you will all be there to help share in this momentous step in my career.

See you on the 15th!

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