It's ok to take a break!

It's ok to take a break sometimes to recharge

I often hear other artists complaining about the guilt they have when they take time away from their art. I am not going to lie, I too have had these feelings of guilt when I am sitting on a patio in Argentina drinking a spectacular Malbec rather than sweating away in the studio. But then I have to remind myself about the power of taking a break.

There are times that you must be in your studio for hours at a time, preparing for your upcoming show but when you are outside those intense times, it is imperative that you remember to take a break because it is only going to benefit you in the long run. 

Pay attention to those things that bring you inner peace, that make you smile and that continuously inspire you. And then do them regularly! That way, when you do set aside the time to create in your space, your head and heart are in the right place. Then you can let the magic happen!

If you are constantly exhausted and frustrated, your creative process will not work properly.  

So over the years, I have paid attention and made it a priority to create balance between my time in the studio and things that make my heart sing. I have learned to let the guilt go because I have seen the benefit from my actions.

So for those of you who haven’t found those things that heighten your inspiration yet, here is a list of a few things that I do that might help you find your own.

1. I walk. I walk and I walk and I walk. And now that I have mynew puppy, I walk even more! There is something about the solitary time, being by the water, gazing into the many windows of the condos that line the seawall that I tend to find clarity. I get a sense of calm when I walk with no intention of getting to a specific destination. The power of wandering with no time constraints seems to reset my focus and I am always more present and inspired when I am back in the studio. 

Favourite spots on the seawall in Yaletown are sitting in the yellow chairs in the park at the end of Richards street, walking with a coffee from the best coffee spot in town (Coo Coo Coffee at 417 Davie Street) and walking under the tree coverage just past David Lam Park. 

2. I travel. When I spent a month in the Philippines about 15 years ago, I was bitten by the travel bug and I have developed a ferocious appetite to be inspired by other cultures and experiences. There is something freeing about stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing something you never thought you would. When I come home from traveling, I not only have thousands of photos to pull inspiration from, I also have a huge sense of gratitude and energy. That mindset fills my heart and I always notice better work on the canvas when I return back from an adventure. 

Favorite places to travel are New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Iceland

3. I surround myself with my real friends. As I get older, I have realized the importance of surrounding yourself with people that make you feel better and more energized after leaving them. I make an effort to reach out and have spontaneous drinks on my patio or take the sea bus over to the north shore to have dinner on my parent’s boat because I know that after I leave these people, I am fired up! So make sure you find those favourite people and cultivate incredible relationships. 

Taking a break and stepping back is sometimes all you need to do. So remember to be kind to yourself and take a moment to recenter.