The Space, an Art Gallery

Welcome to The Space, An Art Gallery. Located in the heart of Yaletown, The Space is an artist run gallery that is unlike any gallery you have ever been in. What makes it so difference you ask? Well let me respond by asking you if you have ever experienced the following situation? ……….

You are walking down the street and you notice an art gallery and you think to yourself, “wow, that’s some nice art, perhaps I should go in there and have a look?” So you build up the courage to go in and you are a little nervous because you don’t think you know too much about art and that perhaps you shouldn’t be in there in the first place because you don’t really have any intention of buying art. You notice someone behind the counter and they don’t even look up at you or welcome you into their gallery. You want to take some time to look at the art but you find yourself walking around awkwardly and quickly because you don’t feel welcome and you eventually leave with a feeling of  deep inside your gut. 

How many times has this happened to you? I know that I have had that experience first hand on numerous occasions and I vowed that if I ever had my own gallery that things would be different. And boy are you in for a treat when you visit The Space.

Armed with the same mentality and vision, the 9 resident artists in The Space (Donna Giraud, Bill Higginson, Olga Rybalko, Gina Sarro, Jolayne Devente, Ben Lumb, Philippe Sokazo, Dale Dziwenka and Annie Frind) are focussed on making your time at our gallery a unique and enjoyable experience.

As a collective, we feel art should be a thing that brings people together despite your knowledge of art. We believe that you should have a glass of wine or beer in your hand while you are in our space enjoying all of the fine art we have to offer. We encourage you to ask questions and get to know us and our art, because I assure you, we’ve got some great things to say. And lastly, we believe in the importance of bringing the community together through art and that is why we will be doing a ton of events through out the year and we invite you to come to them all.

I am so proud to say that after 16 years of hard work, I have landed the ultimate gig; I get to create art in a beautiful space, surrounded by like-minded and exceptionally talented artists, all the while meeting phenomenal people that want to be a part of our art movement. 

So if you are in the area, please come down to The Space, An Art Gallery at 1063 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC because we would love to see you.